Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Experimenting with Mod Podge Melts

Hey Crafters!

Today is experimenting day in the craft room. Do you have those days?  Those days where you have a finished craft in your head but you need to experiment with different techniques or mediums to see what works best?  That's my today. 

As you may have seen, I used Mod Podge Melts on my craft room storage bins. So, I wanted to carry on with that them for a Halloween craft. 

My motto "Look for inspiration everywhere" panned out at the grocery story yesterday (Kroger to be exact) when I came upon a couple of mini silicon cake molds. I decide to purchase them and try them out with the melts. 

In general they work. But, avoid deep molds as this takes up a lot of Mod Podge (in the case of the small pumpkin in the pic below).  The witch hat worked better because I just needed to fill the mold up enough to cover the bottom design. The blue circular mold is a Martha Stewart Clay mold. Those work really well. 

To sharpen up the edges, an X-Acto knife and a nail file work well. 

Now to paint them. Stay tuned to see if this turns into what I hope!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Episode 133: Craft Room Storage Bin Labels

I have had a wall of IKEA Dr├Âna bins for a long time.  I wanted to make some interesting labels, and the idea also took me a really long time.  THEN, when I figured out how I wanted to make the label, the execution of the project took a REALLY long time.  Are we sensing a pattern here?  But, FINALLY they are finished!  Take a look:

Supplies Needed:

Wooden cut outs
Pink paint
Foam brushes
Black stamp ink
White paint pen
Mod Podge melts and bold
Mini dual temp glue gun for Mod Podge melts
Gold paint
Glue gun and hot glue
Chalkbaord labels
Label maker with black label tape
Crop-a-dile II Big Bite
Jump rings
Articake charms

Here's the video:

1. Paint your wooden die cuts with two coats of pink paint using a foam brush.  These cut outs came from Michael's.  The paint is Parisian Pink by Folk Art.

2.  Add the chalkboard stickers and ink the edges with black ink.  The stickers are by Recollections that I purchased at Michael's.  The ink is by Adirondack.

3.  Punch hole at the bottom of the wooden die cut with Crop-a-dile II Big Bite.

4.  Using a jump ring, string a charm through the hole in the die cut and close the ring with pliers to secure.


5.  Use a paint pen to embellish. (The Sharpie marker in the picture ran out...surprise I bought a different brand for the video.)

6.  Using Mod Podge Melts and a Mold (both from Michael's), make crown embellishments and paint with gold metallic paint, again using a foam brush.  It took me two coats.

7.  Hot glue the crown to the wooden die cut.

8.  Use your label maker to print out a label.  I use a P-Touch that I bought at Office Depot or Office Max...really what's the difference...they look exactly the same.  Then I hot glued the whole thing to the bin.  Done...well, done after 39 more.  Yep 40 labels.  Stick a fork in me....I'm DONE!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Episode 132: Back to School Doorscape

I've had this doorscape up for a while, but I haven't gotten around to making the video and blog post until now.  This back to school doorscape can translate to your own school, college or professional sports team.  It's pretty simple.  So, first, check out the video:

The supplies needed are as follows:

Two colors of deco mesh (21" X 10 yard rolls)
Four types of ribbon
Floral wire
Floral pins
Pom poms or accents of your choice
Styrofoam wreath
Little mum from Michael's
Blank cardboard pennants
Navy vinyl and Silhouette machine (or you can buy pre-cut letters or even use paper)
Mod Podge for Paper
Foam Brush
8.5 x11" sticker paper (Hobby Lobby)
Football Helmets from Creative Gift Packaging
Valspar White spray paint
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Here are a couple of close-up pics:

The megaphone came off.  PLEASE someone advise me on an INDUSTRIAL strength glue to use on wood that withstands heat AND does NOT take a WEEK to dry!!!!!  HELP!

I will talk in more detail tomorrow about how I made the football helmets.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Powder Room Accessories...

If you have been following me on my PYL Facebook Page, you know that I have been renovating my powder room this summer.  It's taken A LOT longer than I had hoped...from removing the TWO layers of wallpaper, to spackling and sanding, to painting the walls, to painting the cabinet, to painting the mirror, to painting a frame, to painting a shelf, THEN to wait on the sink, to wait on the faucet, to wait on the counter to get installed, to wait on the light fixture, and THEN to wait, wait, wait, wait and more wait on my wallpaper guy to get back in the country from his holiday.  BUT, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I finally found the last two cabinet knobs to match the other two I had purchased. Funny thing...when you go to the CORRECT store, you tend to find what you are looking for. I went to several Lowe's searching for the matching hardware when they were at Home Depot the whole time. Grrrr....

NOW...on to accessorizing!  I got a little creative in my disaster of a craft room today and finished some projects that will go into the powder room.  Yes, I will share the final room.  Yes, it's not your average powder room.  Yes, it's a bit crazy, but I'm in love with it.

So here are some letters that will go on the wall.  The entire phrase will say "Be You".  The "Be" consists of two sizes of metal letters.  Check out the "You" here:

Here are the steps I used to achieve this look:

1.  I bought paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby and painted the sides and back black.
2. Then, I mod Podged on the paper.  The "Y" and "U" are scrapbook papers I had, and the "O" is a wallpaper sample I also had on hand.  Then I trimed off the excess with an X-Acto knife.
3.  I inked the edges with black stamping ink.
4.  I glued mini ball fringe to the top of the "U".  I got the ball fringe from the dollar aisle at Michael's.
5.  I then printed out the phrase "Always wear your invisible crown." on scrapbook paper, cut it out and glued it on.  The font is Lavanderia Sturdy.
6.  I then made the crown using Mod Podge Melts and the crown mold.  I painted it metallic gold and hot glued it on.


Now on to the other two little projects that just came to me today.  I have been known to go antiquing, and I'm always kind of struck when I see old photos.  It's interesting, yet it's also sad.  I wonder how these pics came to be at a store or flea market?  Why didn't family keep these pics?  I've had these two wedding pics for ages.  I love how elaborate the wedding gowns are for the time period.  So, I decided to glam Ma and Pa up.

With this first pic, I simply printed out one of my absolute all-time fav phrases "Happy Wife, Happy Life" and taped it onto the pic.  This is such an incredibly true statement, am I right ladies?  The font is called Gunslinger.  Then, I just hot glued some pearl chain that I already had onto the bottom.  Done.

This last pic is a bit jazzier.  I used pint Stickles to highlight her veil and his boutonniere.  Then I made the fleur de lis border once again using Mod Podge Melts and Molds.  I painted it metallic gold and hotglued it on.  I adhered the "Domestic Bliss" embellishment and gems and called it done.

These were fun, whimsical crafts for me.  I can't wait to put them up in the powder room.  I challenge you to break out of your mold.  Don't be safe.  Be creative!!!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bottle Caps! Why haven't I been making these all along???

Well, we have been having a MUCH needed relaxing summer, but it will soon be coming to an end. My girls start school in just TWO WEEKS!  Sigh...I've already started filling in my August schedule, and let's just say it's pretty full.  My older daughter will start back full blast with competitive soccer, and my younger daughter will be trying out for competitive softball for the first time next week. I suspect a lot of you moms out there are nodding your head and saying, "I hear ya sister"!

So, I decided to throw my middle schooler and her schoolmates a little Locker Craft and Pool Party next week because it's a big deal at our school to go decorate your locker at Open House the day before school starts.  Well, it is a big deal for the girls, anyway. :-)  I am still working on all the details, so keep checking back.  For little teasers and updates about the party and basically my everyday crafting life, follow me on my Facebook Page called PYL.

Speaking of my Facebook Page, I posted a few weeks ago that I recently bought a FujiFilm Instax Mini 8.  Think of it as a modern version of a Polaroid camera.  It spits out little pictures about 2x3 inches. Mine is pink, of course.

The plan is to take pics of all the girls in the photo booth that I will be putting together.  They will then decorate magnetic frames made for the Instax pictures which I purchased at Michael's for 60% off. 

Then they can put their photo booth snapshots inside and then into their lockers when school starts.  I have been busy collecting stamps, ribbon and embellishments, but it occurred to me that the girls need some things that are specific to their school to choose from.  So enter my idea to make bottle caps.  I have wanted to do this craft for a long time...basically every time I BUY a bottle cap for my daughters. I'm inwardly thinking, "I could make this."  You have those moments?

So, I went onto Etsy and purchased flattened bottle caps in bulk from SuppliesSundries.  Great transaction.  I recommend this store!  Then I found and purchased a bottle cap template through Pinterest which turned out to be from an Etsy Store called TicTagTogs.  You could probably find a free one, but I just went with this one.  It is...ok.  I don't know if it is the file or the website (FotoFlexer) that she has the purchaser use, but it's a bit quirky.  In the end I was able to create my bottle caps, print them off, punch them out with a Martha Stewart 1" Circle punch, and Mod Podge them into the bottle caps. Lastly, I poured Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over the top, let it cure for 24 hours, and  it was finished!

They can glue these to the frames or even put magnets on the backs of the bottle caps themselves.  This is an easy craft that I will be doing again in the future!
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