Monday, September 12, 2016

Crafter Reflection

Hello Crafters!

It's incredibly long since I blogged.  Seriously, I even had to look up my blogger password!  I guess there are several reasons for my long absence.  When I moved from Oklahoma back to Texas, we had a lot of home to set up (yeah, that's STILL happening), new school for my girls, new everything.  I got pretty overwhelmed.  Secondly, my girls have become even MORE active, and busy.  I have one in high school and one in middle school. We literally have maybe eight weeks out of the entire year when they aren't in sports. I often refer to myself as the volleyball/soccer/softball mom...and usually some team mom in there also, though I TRY to avoid the obligation every year.  (Reluctant team moms raise your hands!) And then lastly, throw in some other opportunities that just haven't come to fruition for me on a crafty level, and, well, you can see how I got derailed.  So, I've been reflecting a lot about where I go from I push my Etsy I wait on other opportunities...WHAT?  Then I realized I was the absolute happiest when I was blogging and videoing my craft life.  I truly enjoyed just sharing what I was doing.  So, I'm just going to get back to that.  I'm taking back the control.  I'm going to get back to what's important...what I feel I was meant to do...empower you out there to get creative...even when you don't think you can!  Because that's where my heart truly is.
I have to say it feels very strange blogging because I honestly don't read that many blogs.  I prefer YouTube probably because I resent cable TV for not having crafting shows.  YouTube is my little victory against TV execs that don't give us crafty people programming.  But, I also have WAAAAYYYY more subscribers to my YouTube channel than to my blog.  However, I recently asked my followers on my Instagram and my Facebook page what they wanted from, YT videos, or both...and a majority, to my surprise, said both.  So that's what I'm going to give you.

Now, onto the fun stuff.  With September here, I feel like it's time to start decorating.  I am finishing up a project that my husband and I have been working on, but in the meantime, here's just a fun grouping to get me in the fall mood.  Because, well, football rules in the fall, y'all!

Here I decorated the chalkboard I have had forever with some Aggie magnets and a burlap ribbon bow.  We are a Fightin' Texas Aggie husband and I are both graduates and met there.  I used the Bistro Chalk Marker (see the pic below) for the words because I couldn't find my Martha Stewart liquid chalk to use for the cute stencil I had made.  I actually DON'T recommend this marker because it always leaves a shadow, but I was desperate y'all.  Trust me, I will be buying another Martha Stewart Liquid Chalk soon! 

Then, I added the football to my Nora Fleming memo board (which it looks like may be discontinued) and wrote a bible verse using a dry erase marker that really seemed to fit where I'm at right now.

"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion." Philippians 1:6

I hope it encourages you too.  So, if you haven't already, please subscribe to my blog.  Also subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Prettify Your Life, here.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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I look forward to getting back in the craft room with you!

Take time to Prettify Your Life!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bring Back the ART of Stained Glass!

As I sat in a dedication service today for a new sanctuary at our church, my mind turned to stained glass.  Stained glass, Angela? Yep, stained glass.  See, there's something about old churches, traditional churches, that I absolutely love, always have.  I envy Europe and their breathtaking churches.  I really do.  Now they knew how to build churches.  There's always been something remarkable about intricate stained glass...the scenes the light shines through it....the vibrant colors of the glass...the color and cut combinations used.  What an art that seems to be lost on so many.  But, to me, stained glass gives a place a holy feeling....a special feeling to honestly mesmerizes me.  I could just stare at it for...well a while. I particularly like how Richard from the Stained Glass Association of America described the feeling some people get gazing upon stained glass as "the romance of the medium".  Totally.get.that.  So, after my curiosity got the best if me for a lot of the morning, I found a concise, but good, article on the internet explaining how stained glass is made and the causes of its rise and fall. Interesting! You can read it HERE!  Check out some of the oldest stained glass in the world in Augsburg Cathedral in Germany (as mentioned in the article):

Um, WOW!  What art!  So, I will be adding that to my list of places I want to see! 

Here are a few pics I took of Saint Thomas Church in NYC when my husband and I visited last Christmas (sorry still need to learn how to take good pics in low light):


Friday, January 2, 2015

A Lazy Friday of Surfing...

Today is another cold, rainy day in Houston.  It's one of those days that just makes you want to stay in bed and surf on the internet and make lists of all the craft projects you want to do and and make lists of all the supplies you need to buy...or is that just me?  Ok, so I AM out of bed, although Teddy, one of my two little puglets was quite cozy snoozing next to me.  

So what have I been doing?  Well, I started brainstorming about St. Patrick's Day (yes) and allowed my mind to wander a little over to Easter.  I sketched another garland ornament I want to make because, if you remember from yesterday, one of my New Year's craft resolutions was to make more of my own stuff out of wood so that it lasts longer.  This is a kind of goal I've been thinking about for a while now....create my own stuff that's floating around in my head, rather than purchasing it. Excited to see where that goes...

I've also been checking out Pinterest where I happened upon a cool article called "12 Best Apps for Crafters".  Pretty cool stuff.  So far I've downloaded the Stanley level (yep I was excited about this one because I love a level and just hate hanging things without it).  Does it work?  Seems to...pretty cool!  Apparently my table isn't completely level:

Another cool app that I downloaded is ColorSnap.  Take a pic of anything, and it will match it to Sherwin Williams paint colors! WHAT????  AND, I just happened to want a certain shade of turquoise off of my crown marquee in my Glitter World (aka my craft room) for a project, so I tried the app out on it.  SO COOL! Check out my screenshot:

I also sell Jamberry Nail Wraps, and came across some cute totes while on FB for all you peeps out there that are into direct sales. They are called Luci Bags.  Check them out!

That's about it...for now.  Got to put together some hostess packets and continue to make my craft supply lists.  And, yes, I'm STILL avoiding the laundry...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Crafters!

As I have a rare "don't have to do anything" day (except that I'm ignoring the laundry), I thought I would chill out in my craft room (which I seriously need to give a name, yep) and blog a about the upcoming year.

It drives me crazy that there isn't more of a crafting presence on TV, and why is that?  Is it that the people making programming decisions don't understand the satisfaction of making something instead of buying it, or learning a new craft that you never thought you would, or the excitement people get from learning from others (myself included)?  Crafting seems like the redheaded step child, which is completely stupid because people have been crafting for centuries!  So, in this absence, I am so thankful for the internet and YouTube and Pinterest!

This PYL world I've created isn't where I want it to be.  I lost my mojo with the move from Oklahoma to Texas.  It was a challenging move, probably because I was just so tired of moving...and this house...well....I'm still figuring out smart storage solutions.  But, I'm bringing my mojo back!!!   Because creativity is one of the things that makes me happiest, and I love being in a community of people that get that. I love sharing my hits and misses, and, you know what, I love that people PM me with pics of their creations. It's really cool.  So how am I going to get PYL where I want it to be? I'm honestly not sure yet.  What do you want to know about my crafting life?  Do you want more videos, and, if so, do they all need to be instructional, or can they be about me discussing projects, products or whatever?  IDK...  Does my blog matter, or should I focus solely on my YouTube Channel? What is going to help YOU the most?  What is going to be of interest to crafters out there?  I don't have the answers yet, but these are the things I am focusing on in 2015.

Some things I DO know, my resolutions if you will, are:

1.  MORE videos/blog posts.  I have to interact with you guys more!
2. I absolutely HAVE to get my craft room done and videoed.  I've got Ikea money burning a hole in my pocket!  Alex Drawers, you will be mine!
3.  Make more of my own embellishments out of wood, so they last!
4.  Take more pictures of my family!
5. Tweet more...not going to lie, Twitter is a bit perplexing to me.  :-P
6.  Hang out with my gal pals in my craft room more.  It was so cool chilling with some ladies last night up here...away from it all...talking about crafting.
7.  Continue to notice creativity, art and style in people whenever and wherever I am.  Here's a gift from my BFF, Rachel.  I love how she used the clothespin to attach my tag.  Her theme for this year.

So, let's have a craftastic year people!


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Episode 140: A Simple Halloween Swag

Do you have a narrow entrance, or a side door you use a lot, or a condo or apartment front door? Well, this craft project may be just for you!  We have a side door that we use almost exclusively, and I have been wanting to decorate it for a while.  So I finally did.  I made a simple Halloween swag out of work garland from Hobby Lobby, deco mesh from The Market in OKC, ribbon from a local store and Sam's as well as some deco flex tubing from OKC (but can also be found at Hobby Lobby and Trendy Tree).  Watch the video at the bottom of the post to see how I secured the swag to the brick. 

The super cute witch hat is by Burton and Burton, and I found it at my local Hallmark Store.  Here are some more pics of my entire side entrance.  The tin sign came from a local store,  The wooden sign was purchased off of ebay.

And here's the video;

Thanks for stopping by!
Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!!!

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