Thursday, October 23, 2014

Episode 140: A Simple Halloween Swag

Do you have a narrow entrance, or a side door you use a lot, or a condo or apartment front door? Well, this craft project may be just for you!  We have a side door that we use almost exclusively, and I have been wanting to decorate it for a while.  So I finally did.  I made a simple Halloween swag out of work garland from Hobby Lobby, deco mesh from The Market in OKC, ribbon from a local store and Sam's as well as some deco flex tubing from OKC (but can also be found at Hobby Lobby and Trendy Tree).  Watch the video at the bottom of the post to see how I secured the swag to the brick. 

The super cute witch hat is by Burton and Burton, and I found it at my local Hallmark Store.  Here are some more pics of my entire side entrance.  The tin sign came from a local store,  The wooden sign was purchased off of ebay.

And here's the video;

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Episode 139: Halloween Tree 2014

I finally filmed my Halloween Tree!  It's so sparkly, and I love it!!!  This is a bit different than in years past.  No deco mesh, just lots and lots and lots of floral picks (with a sprinkling of bows, witch legs and ornaments).  It's SO easy.  I know you can create something similar.  


Witch Cauldron, 16 inch diameter--purchased at one of those seasonal Halloween stores that pops up in some abandoned warehouse or strip mall
Lime Green Spiderwebs, most places carrying Halloween stuff will have this
Supplies for the Halloween Bubbles, See Prettify Your Life Episode 43
Ornaments of your choice--mine came from Hobby Lobby
A Witch Hat Topper--AHHH, I can't remember where I got it!
And a TON of floral pics--Hobby Lobby, Decorator's Warehouse, The Paul Michael Company

Here are a few more pics:

Check out my YouTube video for all the details:

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Episode 138: A Super Simple Bow

I was doing a little bit of retail therapy in between shuttling kids.  Do you have those, softball, birthday parties...oh my!  Seems like all my weekends are like that...a sincere reason why I have grown to love Mondays.  Anyway, I saw some beautiful bows on a Christmas tree, then I chocked at the price.  I don't buy bows anyway, but I was curious what the price, $28 EACH!!!  What????  I thought to myself, as I often do, "You've GOT to be kidding!  That's just highway robbery!  They should be ashamed."  But again, I thought that....on the inside.  Then I examined the bow.  The ribbon was high quality, no doubt, but the structure honestly didn't seem intricate at all.  Simple, but effective.  I was intrigued.  I decided to try and replicate the bow for my Halloween tree.  I'm so glad I did.  I LOVE this technique!  Check out the finished bow:


3 Different Kinds of Ribbon--
Green Ribbon is d. Stevens and was purchased at a local retailer ($19, but was 20% off, 10 yd)
Chevron and Orange ribbon are from Sam's this 2014 season ($8, 50 yd each)
Floral Wire (any gauge)
Wire Snips
Sharp Scissors
Pro Bow the Hand bow maker, not necessary, but that's what I used

To make the same bow as the one pictured above, you will need 66 inches of the green ribbon, 12 inches of the black and white chevron ribbon, and 10 inches of the orange polka dot ribbon per bow.

For the detailed instructions, please check out this video:

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Episode 137: Halloween Candy Doorscape 2014

Hi Everyone!

Well, here it finally Halloween Candy Doorscape!  I just love decorating for Halloween!!

I actually already had a lot of these decorations from previous years.  I just added the dollar store Large Homemade Halloween Candy that you saw in the previous post.  


Orange Metallic Deco Mesh (Hobby Lobby)...remember you get what you pay for with deco mesh
Candy Corn and Orange Chevron Ribbon (The Paul Michael Company)
Pixie Sticks and Small Candy (PYL Tutorials)
Candy Corn Picks (RAZ, Imports)
Wooden Candy Medallions (Made those years ago)
Large Homemade Halloween Candy (See link above)
Floral wire.

And a SUPER cute Candy Corn door hanger from the Etsy Shop: The Wayward Whimsy!  Man I wish I could watch her make her creations!!!

Check out the video:

And here are a few other photos:

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Episode 136: Quick, Easy and Cheap Halloween Decorations

This year I decided to get away from the witch doorscape theme I've been doing and go a different direction--CANDY.  Stay tuned for the doorscape video in an upcoming post.  I had a lot of fun putting that door up, even though I was sweating in mid-October in Houston and had to apply bug spray.  (I hate Houston weather.  Why can't it get cold already????)  I digress...

I wanted to add to my collection of homemade candy decorations this year, so I made these:

They are SO easy and cheap.  I got twelve 27.5 inch balls for under $15.  One extra large Styrofoam ball at Hobby Lobby costs $20!  Yes I know that I run the risk of these not lasting near as long as Styrofoam, but since this project is so easy to recreate, I'm ok with that.


Dollar store beach balls (Mine came from a generic dollar store)
Plastic tablecloth material sold on a roll in the party section of Hobby Lobby
Rubber bands or pipe cleaners
Ribbon of your choice (Mine came from Sam's)
Floral Wire

Check out my video for the detailed instructions:

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