Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July Crafters!

My family and I are actually on vacation this week.  This was my scenery last night:

Aren't the colors beautiful!

But before I left, I took some photos of a few of my fabulous Fourth of July Decorations from The Round Top Collection.

The Celebrate Everyday Candelabras have the finials that can be changed out for the season or holiday, and I LOVE the Firecracker Cans grouping in the center of my dining room table!

On the back patio, I put a large grouping of Round Top Collection Americana stakes in a tin bucket I purchased from HomeGoods.  Now at The Round Top Collection Gallery store, they use sand in buckets to hold the stakes straight.  Sooooo, I sent my husband to Lowes for some sand.  Yea, I have since learned that the TYPE of sand you get matters A LOT.  He got regular potting sand...not his fault...I didn't know to specify. BUT, that type of sand does not work well at all.  It's too moist.  So I talked to Lexie at The Round Top Collection Gallery, and she said that you need to purchase PLAY SAND for your containers.  It's dense enough to keep their metal stakes upright.  So, when I get back home I will be fixing that!

And some good news for those that live in Houston.  The Round Top Collection Gallery is hosting their GRAND OPENING of the new store in Cypress, Texas on Friday, July 7th.  Here are the details straight off of The Round Top Collection Gallery Facebook Page:

Get excited- our Cypress location is opening its doors this Friday, July 7!!! We can't wait to see you all there! Information coming soon on all the exciting promotions and store events that will be happening throughout opening weekend.
Store Hours are as follows:...
Sunday 12-6
Monday- Saturday 10-9
Located in Fairfield Town Center between Torrid and Bath & Body Works.
Address: 28802 Hwy 290 Unit D04, Cypress, Tx 77433

COUPON CODE REMINDER:  I am a Round Top Collection Gallery Affiliate.  If you don't live in Houston, don't worry.  You can order online, and I can offer you a one-time use, online only coupon for 20% off your entire subtotal!  The code to enter at checkout is: PYLRTCG.  Click HERE for the store link. Happy Shopping!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kids Kraft Day Supply List

Happy Saturday Crafters!

As I previously announced on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube yesterday, I will be hosting a Kids Kraft Day YouTube LIVE event on Monday, June 26, 2017 at 8pm CST.  I came up with a craft to do with your kids for Independence Day...a table place card arrangement...or you could use it at as a decoration.  My youngest daughter, Lucy, and I will be creating them together with you.  I want to get kids crafting! In case you missed it, here is the YouTube LIVE video from last night where I discussed the supplies you will need to make this craft with me on Monday:

Now here are some close-up pictures of the supplies which were all purchased at Hobby Lobby.  You don't have to buy the same ones, but I wanted to give you an idea of the things you will need.

Container, Foam, and Floral Picks--These were found in the floral section.

Filler from the Holiday Section

 Flags and Floral Picks from the Holiday Section
(I ended up not using the flags, but my daughter did.)

 I used one of these in my arrangement.

 I used one of these in my arrangement.

 I used three of these.

Some Floral Picks from the Floral Section (Not shown is an addition white curly pick...see video).
I used one of these blue firework-looking picks in my arrangement.

I used two of these in my arrangement.

A Floral Pick from the Party Section and chalkboard picks from the Scrapbook Section. 
I used one of each of these.

If you want to add a bow, you will need some ribbon of your choice.  Additional supplies that you need are a hot glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, and wire cutters (great for cutting floral pick stems).  I just recently purchased these diagonal cutters  HERE, and they are AMAZING!

I hope you and your kiddos will join me and my daughter to make this fun craft!
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Friday, June 23, 2017

National Pink Day!!!

What?  A WHOLE day celebrating the BEST color in the world???  Yep, National Pink Day is actually real, but I must admit, I didn't realize it until I saw a friend post it on Facebook.  Is it weird if I put a reminder in my phone so I won't forget this glorious day from now on?  Ah, who cares...it's National PINK Day!  So as I was doing a "National Pink Day" google search, I came upon this very interesting information straight from National Day Calendar about the history of the most fabulous color ever:


National Pink Day is observed annually on June 23rd.  This day is set aside for the color pink and all it represents.
First used as a color name in the late 17th century, pink is a pale red color which got its name from a flower of same name.
According to surveys in both the United States and Europe with results indicating that the color pink combined with white or pale blue is most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, childhood and the romantic.  Pink, when combined with violet or black is associated with eroticism and seduction.
Dating back to the 14th century, “to pink” (the verb) means “to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern.”
It would have been curious to find pink used in fabric or decor during the Middle Ages.  Occasionally it was seen in women’s fashion and religious art.  In the 13th and 14th century, the Christ child was sometimes portrayed dressed in pink, the color associated with the body of Christ. Pink was mainly used for the flesh color of faces and hands during the Renaissance.
The Rococo Period (1720-1777) was the golden age for the color pink. Pastel colors became very fashionable in all the courts of Europe during this time.  Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), the mistress of King Louis XV of France, was known for wearing the color pink, often combined with light blue.  At one point in time, Ms. Pompadour had a particular tint of pink made specifically for her.
Pink ribbons or decorations were worn by young boys in 19th century England.  The men in England wore red uniforms and since boys were considered small men, boys wore pink.
Pink became much bolder, brighter and more assertive in the 20th century and 1931, the color “Shocking Pink” was introduced.
As one of the most common colors of flowers, pink serves to attract the insects and birds that are necessary for pollination.


  • In the pink – To be in top form, in good health, in good condition.
  • To see pink elephants – To hallucinate from alcoholism.
  • Pink slip – To be given a pink slip means to be fired or dismissed from a job. First recorded in 1915 in the United States.
  • Pink-collar worker – Persons working in jobs conventionally regarded as  “women’s work.”
  • Pink Money –  the pink pound or pink dollar is an economic term which refers to the spending power of the LGBT community.
  • Tickled pink – means extremely pleased.


The most apparent way to celebrate is to wear pink.  Enjoy foods and beverages that are pink.  Give a donation to any of the charities that use the color pink.  Use #NationalPinkDay in social media.
Within our research, we were unable to find the creator and origin of National Pink Day."

So, I find it very appropriate that I unveiled my Sitting Room last night on my first LIVE YouTube event, since there is a strong presence of pink in that room.  In case you missed it, here is the video:

So, put on some pink and go celebrate one of the most fabulous days of the year!!!!
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Jazzing Up an Old Family Photo

As I continue to put the finishing touches on the sitting area outside my craft room, I thought I would share a little project I just finished.  Months ago I had this black and white photo of my grandmother (my Memaw) blown up onto canvas using Canvas on Demand.  It measures 30 inches wide by 40 inches long.  I love the casual glamour of this picture of my Memaw.  She was an incredibly special woman in my life, whom I miss very much.

After deciding where I would display it, I had the idea of glittering her corsage.  I would advise doing this kind of project on a copy and not the original of an old family photo.

The first thing I did was take an old paint brush and paint Mod Podge all over the corsage.

To add the sparkle, I chose extra fine glitter from Hobby Lobby.  The color is Petal Pink.  Isn't it fabulous?  Pink and glitter!!!

I generously sprinkled the glitter over the mod podged corsage on the canvas.  I then went back and touched up some places I missed with some additional Mod Podge and glitter.

 And...Ta Da!  Easy.  Done.  LOVE!

I love that little touch of something unexpected!  Thanks for stopping by.  Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Patriotic Centerpiece in 30 Minutes

Happy Flag Day Crafters!  I have just the craft project to help you celebrate the day.

A few day ago I was strolling around Hobby Lobby getting supplies for my curtain project in the sitting area, and these centerpieces kept catching my eye:

I found myself thinking, "The height of this would look just right in my foyer.  I'm going to try this project."  So I bought a bunch of patriotic supplies and drove home to give it a whirl.  The supplies included several different lengths and types of patriotic floral sprays, glittery container filler balls, and some stars.

STEP 1:  Pick out a container.  I already had this glass apothecary jar at home that I purchased a few years ago at Hobby Lobby. 

STEP 2:  I also already had a piece of floral foam in my craft room that was the right size for the glass apothecary jar.  Yay, no cutting necessary!  I placed it inside.

STEP 3:  Begin adding the glittery container filler balls all around the floral foam until you about, but not quite, have it all concealed.

STEP 4: Start the design by adding your tallest pieces.  Now I am not a professionally trained floral designer.  I am self-taught in a lot of the crafting I do.  It may not be the "right" way to do things, but it's the way that works for me. 

STEP 5:  Now add the medium size floral sprays, spreading them around to make it pleasing to YOUR eye.

STEP 6:  Add a few statement pieces.  I bought these three foam, glittery stars...not knowing exactly how I would use them...but they are sparkly...and well me and sparkle have a relationship. When I got home, I noticed that one of the tips on the red star was broken.  So I cut off a small piece of floral wire and stuck it in the broken section and pushed the other end of the wire into the floral foam of the centerpiece.  With the other two stars I poked a hole at the end of one of the tips of both stars with scissors and stuck the floral wire in the holes and attached them to the floral foam as well. 

STEP 7:  At this point I covered the rest of the floral foam with the glittery container filler balls.

STEP 8:  Finish filling in the base of the centerpiece with the smaller floral sprays, again putting them in the centerpiece thinking of balance and of what makes you happy.

STEP 9:  Arrange it with a few other fun pieces.  The yellow truck with the fireworks is from The Round Top Collection Gallery.  They have a lot of super cute Americana and seasonal metal home accents.  Use my coupon code PYLRTCG for a one-time use, online only 20% off discount of your entire subtotal.  Click here to shop The Round Top Collection Gallery.

This is a super easy but impactful craft project.  I hope you give it a try!!!

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